G: Graduate, U: Undergraduate, J: Japanese, E: English


GLP (Global Leaders Program) Core Seminar (U, E), Hitotsubashi Univ., Spring 2017 

Syllabus (updated, April 2017)

Introduction to International Relations (U, J), Hitotsubashi Univ., Spring 2017, Spring 2016

International Relations A (U, J), Hosei Univ. Spring&Summer 2017

Politics A (U, J), Hosei Univ. Spring&Summer 2017

Directed Reading (U, J), Dokkyo Univ. Spring&Summer 2017


International Organizations (G, J), Hitotsubashi Univ., Fall 2016 

Syllabus (updated, Oct. 2016)

International Organizations (U), Hitotsubashi Univ., Spring 2016


International Organizations (POLI375, U), Rice Univ.,  Fall 2014, Fall 2015

Poli 375 provides students an increased understanding of the role of international organizations (IOs) (or international institutions) in world politics, including their creation, dynamics, and influence on states’ behaviors. This course is composed of three sections. The first section will focus on the evolution and development of IOs in the historical context. The second section will explore why and how states create and use IOs and how IOs may influence state behaviors by surveying and examining theoretical arguments. The third section will investigate the role of IOs in particular issue areas and current issues facing IOs.

POLI 375 Syllabus (updated, August 2015)

Introduction to International Relations (POLI211, U), Rice Univ.,  Spring 2012, Fall 2013
Teaching Assistant to Prof. Brett Ashley Leeds

As a teaching assistant, I have led independent discussion sections for Introduction to International Relations.

Research Assistantship

NSF grant project: Interests, Institutions, and Foreign Policy Change (SES: 0921781) by Brett Ashley Leeds (Rice University) and Michaela Mattes (University of California, Berkeley)
Research Assistant to Prof. Brett Ashley Leeds – Spring 2010 to 2015